Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Half Right

Or half wrong, depending on your opinion. The weather-guessers gave a 50 percent chance of rain today, and the coin flipped to no rain. That was fine for me, as I had to do a bit of walking this afternoon and it was nice to stay dry. The overcast conditions even made it a little warmer at night, which was good. We’ve got another chance to kick off the rainy season tomorrow, and if it stays dry then I might think there’s something too all these claims of global climate change.

Time is zipping by, which is a surprise to me. I had expected it to drag a bit after my return from R&R. I guess part of that is that I have a project due in a week, and deadlines always do that to you. That, and I have been trying to keep as busy as I can.

Despite getting plenty of sleep the last couple of nights, I’m still feeling a bit tired in the evenings. It’s been long enough that jet lag shouldn’t be that much of a factor, but conceivably it is that. Or maybe someone switched the coffee to decaf without telling me.

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