Monday, December 04, 2006

Bragging Rights

With the Army-Navy game win, I suppose I get a year of bragging rights. Actually, this is the fourth consecutive year that Navy beat both Army and Air Force, a feat no service academy has ever achieved... that's really something to brag about! Somehow the year never lasts that long, since in the run-up to the game everyone seems to forget who won, but it should last a short while.

I hope you all enjoyed the spirit spots during the game (if you watched). Some of them were a bit corny, and to be honest, I think Army did a better job with some of theirs. My favorite one, though, was apparently made here in Iraq and had a group of Army guys and Navy guys going off on a mission. As the spot ended, they showed both groups with a "Go Army" and "Go Navy" and "One Team, One Fight!" The Woops (Navy slang for West Point grads) and I all agreed it was excellent. And we really all are on the same team out here.

I did have a bet on the game with the Deputy Commander, namely that the loser would have to sing the winner's service song (in this case, Anchors Aweigh) in front of our morning staff meeting. During the game, he noted that if I had to sing, he and the other two West Point staffers would join me, so I think it's only fair that I will join them in the chorus. As they say, One Team, One Fight.

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