Thursday, December 14, 2006

Bowl Game Game

Are you a College Football fan? Do you not care much about College Football but love to gamble? Or, perhaps, are you just looking for an interesting way to make the Bowl Game season a bit more interesting and exciting?

Last year I was invited to join Bowl Game Game, a family pool in which you get to pick the winners of the 32 bowl games and rank them according to your confidence in the outcome. That's it! It's that easy! I knew absolutely nothing about most of the teams involved, threw together some picks, and ended up placing second out of 328 players. That's a nice share of the pot. You, too, can join this pool and perhaps get as lucky as I did, even if you know nothing, like I did (and do).

I should have posted this much earlier, as the deadline (midnight Saturday) is fast approaching. If you're interested in joining, visit the Bowl Game Game website, create an account, and make your picks. If I know you (and trust you) a simple email to me with an IOU will confirm your entry fee (you can follow up later). If you'd prefer to deal directly with the organizers, their contact information is on the website. In any case, don't delay! Give yourself an excuse to actually follow the Bowl season as it unfolds, and perhaps make the final game really exciting (like it was for me last year).

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