Friday, July 21, 2006

Yo ho yo ho a pirate's life for me

TGIF! Friday is the day new movies open at the theatre here. Tonight was the newest Pirates of the Caribbean. I usually avoid the Friday night movies because they are so popular, and you generally have to arrive an hour early to get a seat. Of course, I was invited, and went early anyway, and of course it was a long movie. So needless to say, I have little time to make my daily post. Although things have been quite busy here for a while, I'm anticipating a big slowdown the next week. I'll be seeking out smaller jobs to do, but during the brief respite it will be tough to fight the thought that I'm wasting time here that could be better spent somewhere else. There are some advantages and disadvantages to having such a narrowly focused job like I do. The weather has been consistenly hot, hot, hot here, although we've been hearing about heat waves back home as well. At least we have air conditioning! One month into summer, we're hoping maybe the temperatures might start creeping down a little. But it'll probably be a month before we notice it. More news tomorrow, when I'll talk about concrete.

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Dan Arthur said...

Dan, been reading your blog for a few months now. I heard of you through Dave Cook here at NPS. Wanted to drop you a comment after reading this post, as it seemed to fit in with some articles I’ve been seeing here in the Early Bird lately.
Several papers around AF bases have run stories about how hard it is on the troops to be conducting wartime missions support OIF while based in CONUS. It’s like the war doesn’t really exist for most of the country, but for their 8 hours of duty a day they’re almost in theater.
The comments in this post about long lines for Friday night movies, and some others you’ve written (like line dancing lessons, steak and lobster twice a week) have a somewhat surreal quality about them when compared to the picture the media presents from “outside the wire.”
Wondering what thoughts or discussions you’ve had on the level of creature comforts provided within the FOB and how (or whether) that affects your perspective on the war. We can bat it back and forth around here, but I figured I’d ask someone who probably knew!

Thanks for being there; it was good to read the BZ that your team received the other day. Best of luck at the pointy end.

Dan Arthur