Thursday, July 27, 2006

Humor me

Today was a relaxing day. Surprisingly, I found enough to keep me just busy enough to pass the day but not too busy to be able to leave work early enough to attend the "Comics On Duty" performance this evening.

Comedy (especially when making the usual jokes about the usual stereotyped people) isn't exactly my favorite form of entertainment, but it was an amusing distraction from the routine, and most of the soldiers seemed to like it. Some of the most well received jokes were when some of the comedians made fun of how nice the Air Force people had it.

I had to leave the performance early to attend a video teleconference with the new folks coming in a few months to take over for the battalion I'm working with. The new battalion seemed in good spirits, probably because they're doing a lot of tedious training and want to get in the game. And the guys about to leave were obviously in good spirits, since they were talking to their ticket home. Me? I'm just calculating how much more work I'll have trying to get the new guys up to speed on the stuff I work with. Should be interesting.

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