Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Go Ahead and Jump!

Halfway through another week, and not much interesting or unique happened here today. So I'll distract your attention with some useless musing. You may have heard that tomorrow (July 20) is World Jump Day. Yep, apparently some website, claiming all these scientific theories (although the professor cited doesn't exist) that if they get 600 million people in the western hemisphere to jump simultaneously, they will shift the earth's orbit. At the time I am writing this, they have 599,188,027 people signed up to jump at 11:39:13 GMT. I don't know how he picked that time. That's 7:39 a.m. for East Coasters. I doubt people on the West Coast will get out of bed at 4:39am just to jump. But I suppose there are probably some oddballs in California who will do it! Alas, I am apparently in the eastern hemisphere, so I couldn't sign up to jump. I am pondering jumping (at 3:39pm my time tomorrow) anyway, just so my little jump counters the effect of some other jumper elsewhere. Truth be told, though, I'll probably forget completely about it. Anyway, feel free to jump if you're in the western hemisphere and awake and be part of something really big and really useless.

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