Thursday, July 20, 2006

Jumping Roundup

Well, it appears World Jump Day came and went without a significant change to the earth's orbit. Or so one would surmise. Or so one could prove scientifically, but at least it was an opportunity to be part of one of the largest ever "flash mobs". If you missed your chance to jump, and want a round two, there is apparently a site concerned about the effects of World Jump Day who wants everyone to jump exactly 12 hours after the original one, in order to undo the effects! That will be early in the morning for me, so I definitely won't get up for it. But you can vist Contra World Jump if you feel like hopping. Back to reality. Today I added my blog to a collection of almost 500 blogs from military people associated with Milblogs. The motto is... well, you can just read it on the photo:
I selected a nice submarine picture. Like it? Although my particular daily musings qualify more as a journal than a blog, since I don't post many opinion pieces, I decided to join in order to give you all an opportunity to surf around and hear what other military people have to say, all across the spectrum of ideas. We may not all agree with each other, but we all will (literally) fight for each other's right to share their opinion. And speaking of other military bloggers, I'll summarize the latest entries from those I've linked to. Dried Squid has posted pictures of his plush accommodations in Baghdad's Green Zone. I envy the fact he doesn't have to trudge through sand (or mud when the rainy season arrives) for the latrine facilities. Otherwise, his CHU looks remarkably like the other thousands of CHUs in country. The Mike Blogger, at The Chronicles of Narmya (that's NARMY-a if you, like me, were slow in getting it the first time) has announced that he will be a father soon. The counter is on his blog, give or take a few weeks. Mike visits my base roughly once a week and we've chatted about getting together sometime soon. Desert A-Dub (Desert AW) is just starting the Navy IA Combat Training course at Fort Jackson that I wrote about 3 months ago. I had the "luxury" of the last cool days of spring. He and his classmates are suffering through the summer heat. The girlfriend of sdsailor is still waiting to see where he will eventually be assigned, along with having a terrible horrible no good very bad day at home. Another JCCS-1 EWO's girlfriend at My boyfriend, the Sailor, is in Iraq! is counting down the months. It's nice to know I'm even a month further along than he is, although we all share the same observation that time is flying by. And finally, the first Navy Officer (I think... he's truly anonymous!) to welcome me to Iraq, cdr salamander is posting lots of opinion pieces on current events both here and at home. Be sure to give all of the above your support, prayers, encouragement, and comments.

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