Friday, July 14, 2006

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

I'm having difficulty accessing the site to post tonight so I'm trying to send a post by email. Obviously if you're reading this, I was successful. One of my fellow Navy EWOs was in my office tonight for a videoconference (I have the software set up on my computer) and noticed that I still hadn't taken the packaging off all the wonderful safety equipment I purchased for my bike. I answered that it was always too hot during the day and then I never had the motivation at night to put all the lights on in order to use it. He proceeded to do all the hard work of putting the equipment on the bike for me... what a nice guy! It just goes to show you, if you procrastinate long enough, someone will do your work for you. I did repay the favor by allowing him to ride the bike back to his office tonight. And then it will be ready to go when I actually want to use it! Work has finally settled down as the weekend approaches, and I can see the light at the end of the current bean-counting tunnel. That, of course, means I'll soon be bored and looking for some other task to fill my time. Sometimes it's not so good being efficient at your work. But we continue to do good things, and we continue to receive accolades from everyone we work with. We have definitely had a positive impact here, and that bit of job satisfaction makes the tedium of the day to day job a bit less frustrating.

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