Wednesday, July 26, 2006


The good news is that today was a productive day. I managed to finish a few major tasks that have been taking a while. It was satisfying to mark "100% complete" on nearly my entire to-do list. Unfortunately, that leads to the bad news. I've finished everything. That means starting tomorrow I'm going to have to start seeking out new things to do. There are a few options of some things that need some attention, but I'm not sure how many cans of worms I want to start opening, when the pace of other work picks up again. We had an interesting conversation at lunch about all the places we could have been stationed, and how (other than the heat) this base isn't that much different than some places back home. (Assuming you can't leave base either.) Some of our work deals with an Army organization at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey and one of the officers joked that when he was first told of his assignment, he was told he might be going there. Another officer countered, "I'd rather be in Iraq." (Apologies to any New Jersey readers!)

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