Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Highly trained officer... or babysitter?

After such a good Monday, I had higher hopes for Tuesday, but they were not to be. I spent a lot of time today dealing with little issues that I shouldn't have had to deal with if other people would have done what they said they would. I like to avoid nagging people, but I guess that everyone does have a lot to do, and I ought to offer more gentle reminders to people. It can get frustrating at times. The soldiers in the motor pool just outside my door have been working on quite a few custom pieces of equipment that all involve welding, or plasma cutting, or various types of machining that involve either sparks or blowtorches. Like all males, I have that pyromaniac streak in me somewhere, so it's been amusing to watch the process and see what takes shape. I'm impressed what they can put together with bits and pieces that they grab from the local junkyard (actually the DRMO... the R stands for Reutilization, but I forget the rest of the letters. Commenters can help me with that one too... and you should go read the comment thread from yesterday's post!)


Slufoot NYC said...

Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office

Alternate meanings-

Dunk Reuter's Marketing Options
Defend Rumsfeld's Meanderings Overseas
Drink Rum- Make Offers

BOB!! said...

I generally refer to DRMO as Uncle Sam's garage sale.