Monday, July 24, 2006


I don't have much to write about today so I'll answer a question in yesterday's comments about pods. The housing here is broken up into several areas, beginning either with an H or an S. The running joke is that H stands for Huge and S stands for Small. I live in an area called S4. There are only three pods (A, B, and C). We're across the street from the much larger H4 housing. And I'm not sure how high the lettering goes there, but it probably covers the commenter's "I-Pod". When I first got here I was living in the H3/5 area... a merge of H3 and H5 together. Sort of a super-H. They definitely had letters all the way up through Q. One of my friends lives over in H6 housing, which is half Army (the low rent district) and half Air Force. The AF guys have the laundry, the movie room, and even the Green Beans Coffee stand, all within a locked gate. A true gated community. (Although everyone knows the combo!) All the small barriers have been moved away from my trailer, and they haven't even poured the concrete yet. At least I have sandbags in case an errant mortar shell heads my way. Tall walls soon...

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