Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July, everyone! A lot of the staff took the day off to attend various BBQs or other recreational activities. Of course, the war does go on and we did have a lot of folks doing their daily duties in support of that. The enemy isn't taking the day off. Speaking of the enemy, they did oblige us with a few mortar shots for the nice "boom" in lieu of fireworks. Alas, nothing from the base. Some of the soldiers have said they will be shooting off some pen flares once it gets darker out. Another one of my JCCS-1 colleagues has informed me of his blog, so I've added a link to The Chronicles of Narmya. Feel free to check out the adventures of someone at a different base with, it appears, quite a different daily routine than I have. He also explains the meaning of the symbology of the logo and translates the Latin motto. Speaking of logo, I was provided the other version of our command patch with my preferred colors, posted here. And, for added measure, I'll toss in our "tactical patch" that we wear on our sleeves, that is a detail of what can be seen on the shield of the larger, colorful patch.

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