Monday, July 31, 2006

Dust Devil

Another month draws to a close. Besides the imminent payday, it's exciting to know that I'm more than half way to my R&R leave! And as an added bonus, the weather is supposed to begin cooling down after the toasty hot July. August is only the second-hottest month over here. The weekend was actually reasonably cool (around 108) thanks to a lot of blowing dust that obscured the sunlight. Haze has its advantages, I guess. Although I'm seeming to think that the dust which seems to settle on everything around here is finding its way into my respiratory system. I am always clearing my throat and/or coughing. Speaking of dust, the petty officer who works with me and I have a new vehicle. He bumped into another humvee with the "Deathtrap" and broke off one of the turn signal lights. Rather than repair it, the motor pool just gave us another one. It is more like a pickup truck, having only two seats in the front and an open bed in back. A great advantage over the other one is that it is air conditioned! On the door, a tazmanian devil (from the cartoon strip) is painted along with the words "Dust Devil." Kind of reminds me of those small "Dirt Devil" vacuum cleaners... and makes the same noise sometimes too! Enjoy the rest of July. See you next month.

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