Sunday, July 30, 2006

Microsoft Warrior

All right, I'll admit I frequently take my fair turn bashing the company everyone loves to hate, but can't live without. Anyone who has ever done any staff work in the military has learned to become familiar with Microsoft Office products. In spite of taking a lot of time off today, my work time was extremely productive, thanks to Bill Gates and his inventions. (And a nice assist from the folks at Adobe who make Acrobat!) I was able to put together a couple of well illustrated emails (in Microsoft Outlook, of course) including products from Excel and Power Point. And a few attachments in Word for references. I think I deserve some sort of badge for that! Speaking of rewards for computer work, some of the work I've done earlier has managed to attract the interest of a few more higher-ups, which translates to more work for me in the coming weeks. What's that they say about being careful what you ask for? At least it's the interesting, fun stuff that I've been doing that I'll perhaps be able to do more of.

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