Monday, June 26, 2006

Bird on a wire

Another Monday has come and gone. Once again, taking some time off on Sunday ends up causing extra work the next day. Good thing coffee is plentiful. Today's picture is of a pigeon sitting on the fence near the building where I work. It, and a friend, seem to always be there, and frequently my colleagues accompanying me on trips to the DFAC will throw a piece of gravel at the birds, invariably missing. I'm told that the pigeons are actually a real problem on the flightline, as feathers and jet engines don't mix well together. Apparently, occasional "hunting parties" are organized where a bunch of soldiers (or airmen) get in a bus with pellet guns and drive around shooting the birds. Now I know why we have fried chicken at the DFAC so often.

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Kym said...

Hi my name is Kym and I have enjoyed reading your Blog which inspired me to start one of my own. My boyfriend who is a Chief in the Navy is over in Iraq as well. He's had his feet in the sand just over a month. The reason I am sending you a comment is I noticed you have linked other Blogs on your and was wondering if you would also list mine. Kinda of from a different side of things. From the home front. I would also like to link your blog on mine as well, but wanted your permission first. Here is the link to my Blog.... Looking forward to hearing from you. Take care and Thanks for all your doing!!!!