Monday, June 05, 2006

Movie Time

Another day in an increasingly blurry calendar. Despite the fact that yesterday was Sunday, by the time this evening rolled around, it took a few seconds to think and remember that today was Monday. More interesting dinner discussion was the fact that tomorrow will be 6/6/6 and the implications that had for being a beast of a day. The other dinnertime conversation was how the food was beginning to be bland. Even some of the best meals that I raved about at first have become less than exciting after the third or fourth iteration. How often would I pass up a T-bone steak and king crab legs in favor of fried chicken? Hey, I needed a change of pace. My first night in my new living quarters went well. Nice and quiet! The whole trailer shakes when the air conditioning kicks on and off, but it's something I can get used to. On the bright side, I did finally find someone today who was selling off their old electronic equipment! I scored a nice-sized TV and a DVD player for only $50! Now I have something on which to watch those episodes of 24! I also had the opportunity to buy a satellite TV system (apparently getting hundreds of channels, including HBO, etc., is trivial here) but honestly, I think the 10 channels of AFN will be enough for me. Too bad I didn't have my TV in time for the American Idol finale (there's a story there that I'll tell sometime.) I capped off the evening with some of my fellow Navy friends visiting the theatre to see The Da Vinci Code (we called it "cryptography training"). I enjoyed it, but then again, I didn't read the book. I can see how it could be disappointing for others. That's it for now. More tomorrow, which I think will be Tuesday.

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