Friday, June 16, 2006

Marking Time

Today was an especially busy day, which I suppose had its advantage in that the time flew by (as usual). The unfortunate thing was that I am not sure just how much work I accomplished other than communicating a lot of things to a lot of people. But then again, it was important stuff I was communicating, so I guess I did do something. While not quite at the point of being one fifth of the way through this deployment, I was pleased today when my tracking spreadsheet rounded up to the 20% compete point! I'm making progress! The second ten percent certainly seemed like it went faster than the first, so I'm hoping that trend continues. Still, there's a lot of red in that picture. Being assigned here for a year does give me some face credibility with the troops, though. They see me as in the same situation as they are (although they'll be leaving before me, it's all the same year). Not so most of the Air Force people here, who tend to do 4 month deployments. Yep, 4 months. Two groups of Air Force people will come and go and a third will have arrived before I go home. The Air Force people also tend to walk around in PT gear a lot more than the Army does... I guess they've learned the right way to live in Iraq and the Army is still stuck in its old ways with long sleeved shirts. At least my arms don't get sunburned (but my solar powered watch keeps complaining!) My phones are improving. The name has been corrected, and one of them works well. The other dials out fine, but won't take incoming calls. I wonder if that's a good thing... should I bother getting it fixed? Let's just say repairing it won't be a high priority.

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