Sunday, June 04, 2006

Location, Location, Location

As excited as I was to finally unpack my bags 3 weeks ago, I didn't mind packing them up briefly today for a trip across base to a new hooch. It's the same size as the other one, but I'm on the end, rather than the middle, so even in the worst case, I'll only have one loud neighbor and I can sleep opposite the wall adjoining him (or her). But more important is the new location, a lot closer to where I work. Now instead of 15 to 20 minutes of walking and waiting and riding a bus, it's a quick 2-minute stroll in to work (I had actually been walking past this trailer on my way in from the bus stop every day). Not only that, but it's a short walk to most of the other amenities on the base like the PX, gym, theater, pool, etc. I don't know what I'll do with the extra 30-40 minutes of the day that this will give me. Probably exercise, since it's now convenient to leave work, change into PT gear, exercise, shower, change back, and get back to the office in the space of an hour, an impossibility where I lived before. The move in paperwork was painless. It was rather interesting when I went to move out of my old unit, however. It seems I needed to get permission to move out and they didn't want to let me do anything. "Fine," I said. "I'll just keep both trailers." That bluff got them at least working with me and it was a short trip to the office to get the necessary paper to give to the people to accept my key. Sheesh! What a bureaucracy! All of this so that I didn't steal the 29 cent wastebasket that I signed for, I presume. I had "The Deathtrap" to drive around all day to accomplish my move, and have decided that it's probably more trouble than it's worth! It doesn't have any working air conditioning, and one of the rules is that you have to wear your kevlar helmet when driving it. Which creates all sorts of logistical problems carrying your helmet around everywhere. And it's really hard to try to keep to the base speed limits, either 15 or 20 mph. So ironically, although I have my license, I'll probably not be doing much more driving while I'm here, especially with my new housing location. I inherited a TV set with the room I moved into. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be a working TV set. It runs on 110 volts, and my guess is that someone plugged it into the 220 volt power and fried it. I might see if I can open it up and see if it's a simple fix (like a blown fuse) before I pronounce it a large paperweight. The final comment about the new room is that it doesn't have the extra bed in it. That has the advantage of giving me more floor space, but it seems empty. And I don't have a place to throw my stuff when I come in, now! I may have to go to the self-help place and build myself a table or chair or something. Anyone know where I can get plans for building furniture online?

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I dunno how helpful this will be but has lots of nifty things. :)