Thursday, June 15, 2006


Not much new happened in the job front today. It's the classic case of crisis management, where procrastinators win by getting to do the job only when required, and those who planned ahead see their plans go up in smoke. I, fortunately, am a procrastinator. It was a little bit hotter today (about 113) then it has been over the last several days. Lots of blowing dust has been keeping a haze over the entire base (kind of like fog) which has kept the temperatures in the high 100's. I really can tell the difference when it jumps up above 110. And Summer hasn't even officially started! I hope it doesn't get much worse... About half the time I'm able to have lunch with people from either the unit I'm stationed with, or others from the Navy who work at other commands on the base. But other times I'm on my own, which has presented numerous impromptu conversations. The questions are always the same... what's a Navy guy doing here. Most of them understand after a brief explanation. I'm finding out about the wide variety of Army jobs here. It's amazing the diversity of tasks required. I can generally categorize the people into two groups. There are the family people, like me, who enjoy talking about their wife (a little) and kids (a lot), and are counting the days until they leave. And then there are those talking about trying to extend their time here, who are invariably single. Not a great surprise, really. I probably wouldn't mind a longer tour here if it wasn't the fact that I'd much rather be with my own family. But I only have 35 million seconds until I get home! Yay! Oops. That's a very big number, isn't it.

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