Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Boxes Galore

I should start with an apology to my loyal daily readers for the missed post yesterday. I got busy and the update slipped my mind. Yesterday was another great mail day. It started with a care package from mom (Hi Mom!) with some wonderful items in it. And then I spent most of the day coordinating the delivery of another "package" of really important stuff for my job. Here's a picture of me and several other Navy guys (and a few civilians) shortly after dinner, smiling and celebrating the delivery of the container full of boxes of fun stuff. (The vehicle moving the container is called MHE, which I think is Material Handling Equipment. It picks these huge containers up off flatbeds and then drives them to where they need to go. Pretty impressive machinery.) That's probably the last time we'll all be quite as happy for a while. Unpacking the boxes and doing good things for the war with the items inside will keep us very busy for some time to come. Today's great news was that the VOIP phones on my desk finally came to life! No longer do they say "Registration Rejected." Now they have my name displayed. Or, someone else's name that looks very similar to my name. I guess I can make prank calls now and pretend I'm "CDR Willis." I'm told it will take a few days for that to get fixed. That's the Army for you. I'm busy sorting through all the pictures and drawings I got from my family and hanging them on my office and hooch walls. I definitely feel much more connected to the family now. And boy, my little girl sure is growing fast!

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