Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Halfway through another week! The highlight of today is the fact that Wednesday is "Mongolian Barbecue" night at the Dining Facility. I tried to organize a get together of our Navy folks to celebrate the Suhkbaatar. If you've never heard that word before, you'll be excited to learn it is the name of the only ship in the Mongolian Navy. Mongolia, if you didn't know, is a land-locked country, so it obviously has little use for a Navy; still, it has one. The Mongolian Navy patrols Lake Hovsgol and is reported to be the world's smallest, consisting of "a ship and seven sailors, only one of whom can swim" according to another blog I found. I figured having a bunch of sailors in the middle of the desert celebrating such an out-of-place Navy would be appropriate. Unfortunately, my dinner invitation was about as memorable as the Suhkbaatar was, and only a few people showed up. Oh, well. Maybe next time I'll celebrate the Brazilian navy. Not much else to report. I'm surprised I've been able to think of new and interesting things every day for a while now. One of these days I'm going to run out of topics. Hopefully not soon!

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