Sunday, June 11, 2006

Rocky Mountain "Hi!"

It was a lazy Sunday, with only a little bit of work and a lot of time to catch up on some reading I'd been putting off for a long while. I enjoyed the chance to recharge my batteries and I'm ready to hit the next week running! At least I think so on Sunday night. Ask me again on Monday morning. The office is coming together: we have lots of educational posters on the walls now (essentially super-sized versions of powerpoint slides!) and on Saturday we finally got our phones brought into the room. Problem is, we're still not connected! They are Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phones, one each for the unclassified and classified networks, and a request got put in to get the lines activated. But for more than twenty four hours now, I've been watching them continually try to connect but always end up with a disheartening "Registration Rejected" message. Ah, well. Maybe sometime next week. As a final comment, my Colorado extended family will be happy to know that my beverage of choice for most lunches and dinners has become the Non-Alcoholic version of Coors. It's odd, since I haven't been that much of a beer drinker before, and I'm certainly not doing it for the alcohol (there is less than 0.5% per can). I do seem to enjoy the taste, but more importantly, all the other drink options (soft drinks, water, gatorade) are in refrigerators that never get cold because they are opened so often, while the beer is kept on ice. And there's something about an ice cold beer (even without alcohol) on a hot day that is just plain satisfying.

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