Thursday, June 01, 2006


Perspective is an interesting thing. Before arriving in Iraq, I thought temperatures in the 90's were hot. But after a few days of temperatures from 104 to 106, I remember thinking it felt nice and cool at a balmy 97. Today the temperature outside hit a lovely 115. While it seemed to be a bit cooler in the shade (like, only 105, maybe?) it's still an amazingly hot energy-sapping oven around here. I made sure to spend as much time as I could in the air conditioning. I guess that's what happens as summer arrives here. The main highlight of my day was getting a new mattress this morning! Apparently this has been something promised for some time, and those who have been here much longer than me were a bit more excited about the new bedding. We actually have full-size (okay, technically twin sized, but actually the complete dimensions) mattresses now, that take up all the space on the frames. And presumably would fill out a fitted sheet if we had one (I keep checking the PX but all they've had lately is flowery prints.) I expect to sleep more comfortably tonight than I have for the past few weeks -- not that I was complaining then, of course! As a final note, I should point out that one of the constant training drills the Humvee gunners go through are "rollover drills". You may have read about the tendency of the vehicles to roll, especially when driven too fast. Well, a bunch of us Navy guys are getting together tonight to catch a screening of the movie Poseidon. We're calling it "Navy rollover training." That makes it part of our jobs, right? Anyway, off to become educated on rollovers...

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