Saturday, June 03, 2006

Drivers, start your engines!

Another week down, and a chance to relax. I am amazed at how fast time seems to be passing. Have I said that before? I'm still keeping busy, and really have not done much clock-watching during the day. Today's big news is that I have a vehicle to drive! I went through the grueling process of getting my HMMWV (Humvee, don't ask me what it stands for) driver's license. Which involved about ten seconds of instruction on how to operate the thing, and about ten minutes of silly administrative work. But the license says I meet the "Army Standard." The vehicle I'm sharing with the other Navy guy who works in my office is an older Humvee that has, somehow, earned a nickname of "The Deathtrap." I'm not sure I really want to know the origin of that term. One possibility is that it has a shell back that makes it look somewhat like a hearse. Or possibly the bullet holes indicate that it was once shot at. The last possibility is that the emergency/parking brake doesn't work, so it's not able to be parked on a hill, without the use of chocks to keep the wheels from rolling. Of course, if you're driving alone, it's impossible to get out of the vehicle to set the chocks without it rolling over you. I've been searching for flat parking spots today. I just finished watching the first half of an old movie called "The Blue Max." It's amazing how warfare has changed in the last century. And amazing how some things are still the same. Other than the above news, things are much the same: long work hours (that's good), temperatures in the 110's (that's not so good), and roommates that play loud music (tonight should be the last night for that. Update tomorrow!) Off to bed so I can be up early for keyboard practice before church. I hope your weekend is much more relaxing than my half-day will be!

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Dexceus said...

If you are really curious, it is High Mobility Multi-Wheeled Vehicle. :)