Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Misery Loves Company

Okay, so it's not that miserable here, but I have stumbled on (or been told about or had comments made by authors of) other blogs of Navy people out here in the desert, so I've added a section to the links on the right hand side to these other blogs, appropriately titled "Fish out of water." Currently the links to Navy folks over here are to cdr salamander and Dried Squid (I like that name!). Also, a girlfriend of someone in my organization has her own blog from the homefront, My boyfriend, the Sailor, is in Iraq!. Feel free to read these other interesting blogs, and also let me know if there are other links you'd like to see. The photo du jour is of one of the few places on base that is off-limits to us, but accessible by the local population (once they get through us!). There was a mosque on the base when we took it over and we have, of course, respected the locals enough to stay away from it. Some of the locals stop by periodically to check on it and do some renovations, anticipating the day when they will be able to take the base back from us. I just finished a videoteleconference with the unit coming to relieve the 181st. One of my first thoughts after looking at all the staff members on the TV screen was "Boy are they all old." Then I realized they are all probably about my age. I guess I'm old. Anyway, they do look like a great group of people to work with... they're National Guard, which means they will be bringing a different perspective to the fight as well. Should be interesting.

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