Saturday, June 10, 2006

Return on Investment

Another week has passed, and I'm having a relaxing Saturday evening. I'm starting to relish my half-day weekend! The highlight of today was purchasing a new fuse for a dollar and successfully repairing the TV that I got for free when I moved into my new hooch. It works great now (and probably will until someone plugs it into 220 volt power again!) I can probably turn around and sell it for a tidy sum. I guess I can add "repairs electronic equipment" to my resume. My ribeye was delicious at the barbecue, and I'm getting ready to watch the second half of last Saturday's movie, The Blue Max. The talk over dinner was the improvised tactic that someone is using in Afghanistan. We've heard of VBIEDs (Vehicle Borne IEDs) and PBIEDs (Pedestrian Borne IEDs.) Turns out someone put a bomb on the back of a donkey. The question is, do we call it a DBIED (Donkey Borne IED)? Or, the popular favorite, a "Weapon of Ass Destruction."

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