Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Electric Slide

Many of you will recognize the title of this post as a particular type of line dance. And you would be correct. I just returned from spending a few hours line dancing. Or at least stumbling around the dancefloor at the MWR trying to learn a bunch of new moves. Fortunately I was not the only one. One of the sergeants at my battalion has become the instructor for the line dance class, and recruitment is heavy around here. About half the participants are from our unit. It's actually fun, and it's also a good work out! I'm worn out! I did tell my wife about my line dancing and she remarked that every time she talks to me I'm talking about dancing, or movies, or some other fun thing I'm doing. Like I'm on vacation! I assured her that I'm working hard enough to earn those few hours of "play" time! While I took some pictures today, I forgot to bring my camera in to make this post so you'll have to settle for a comic strip I read yesterday that deals with my current assignment in the "Transportation" business. It's self explanatory. Speaking of transportation, I'll make one final comment. The Line Dancing class was at the MWR on the opposite side of the base, so I rode in a Humvee to get there. One of the rules around here is that you have to wear your Kevlar helmet when you're riding in a Humvee. Even if you're not wearing your uniform. I have frequently seen other people driving around in Humvees in PT gear and Kevlar, and always thought it looked silly. Well, tonight I must have looked silly. Fit in with the theme, I guess.

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